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sabato 23 febbraio 2013

Ricordi di uno splendido passato - Memories of a great history!

Dear friends and readers, I'll take a few lines of my blog to advertise my latest book:

"Ricordi di uno splendido passato"... Memories of a great history!

The subtitle can make you understand better what it is: "The Ages of Man, Plato, Critias and Atlantis. History must be rewritten?"

Coming to the content, you may wonder what you might find interesting in this book.
You will surely find many curiosities taken from the texts of the great classical authors of antiquity: Hesiod, Herodotus, Plato, Virgil, Seneca, Pseudo-Apollodorus, Iamblichus but also some more recent authors such as Roger Bacon, Galileo Galilei and finally Dimitrj Merezkovskj. They, in their texts sometimes refer to other authors, and so you will know the mind of the latter.

Through their work I will try to explain how I think it developed the evolution of human civilization and I will try to highlight some curiosity that led me to the study of older works.
Hesiod is my reference to the age of man, the golden age in which human civilization enjoyed the products of mother earth without shedding a single drop of sweat, the silver age, followed by Bronze Age, then the 'age of heroes, and finally that of iron.

Herodotus is an inexhaustible source of facts about the world's population of two thousand five hundred years ago. Plato is the starting point of the search for the myth of Atlantis.

But all I read has only one purpose, to show how likely it is the cyclical nature of humanity. Research conducted on the main ancient texts that have passed on myths, legends or simple scientific information out of time.
The Timaeus and Critias the mainly Hesiod and Plato, Atlantis, and much more!

Whenever possible, albeit briefly, I will try to highlight any insights by means of questions, often unanswered.
History, human development and scientific knowledge of the ancients are research subjects equally interesting and I tried to illustrate with examples from ancient texts and comparisons with current scientific knowledge.

The texts that you will find in this book are written at different times and reflect my thirst and my research interests, I hope you will find them stimulating and that can be a help to your search path, whatever it is.
If you like the questions, doubts and mysteries of the past instead of the false certainties, then this book is for you.
You can find it on enjoy!

Alessandro Giovanni Paolo RUGOLO

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  1. Complimenti Ale,
    libro impegnativo ed interessante,attendiamo il prossimo......